Heater and temperature gauge

Diagnosing the heater problem was, er, easy….

Heater matrix
Heater matrix outlets with no coolant hoses attached. Spot the leaks in the inlet air hose!

The heater matrix / radiator has been bypassed and a small section of steel pipe inserted in its place. I don’t think I’ll bother testing for leaks! So I need to order one of those and the flexible hose from the blower under the wing. There are a few slight leaks in this hose πŸ™‚ I will remove the whole assembly and give it a good clean, treat the rust with my fave stuff ‘Fertan’ and paint. These are the sort of jobs that I enjoy, and can be done any weather – Sunday afternoon, shed, coffee, roll-ups, Radio 4, what better way to forget work….

Blower motor
Separate blower, this seems to be working fine

Temperature gauge

I noticed on my first trip that the temperature gauge hardly moved. I have just read this blog post that recommends using the sensor from a 200tdi Range Rover so I will also order part no. AMR1712 – hopefully the easiest fix yet.

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