Open air gig

Loads of gigs, depping with various bands of late, but as I needed a bigger bass rig for this open-air charity gig I thought I’d take the Land Rover. I taped up any hanging wires where the lower dash is missing, fitted the seats and off I went. The gig was in the middle of a field and it poured with rain until the moment we started playing. The sun came out and it turned into a very hot and sunny afternoon with a fantastic crowd and lots of money raised for Mid Norfolk Mencap at Dereham.

The Land Rover performed very well after being off the road for a number of weeks except for the ‘kangarooing’ effect caused by the engine’s natural movement creating a ‘feedback’ effect with the rod-operated throttle arrangement. This does nothing for the digestive system and even less for the transmission so I really must work out a way of setting up a cable-operated throttle at the earliest opportunity.

Got me to the gig without incident
L-R: Dave, me, Kenny, Marty, Sam

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