Small and simple guitar amp tilt-back stand

Since using my Sessionette 75, and being so impressed with how much volume and tone can be produced from a tiny unit, I wanted to take up even less space on stage. Very often we play on tiny stages, and especially as I seem to have shoehorned my way into what was a 4-piece, I don’t like to take up the valuable space enjoyed by my colleagues before my arrival.

I use a Gator Frameworks stand with my Tech21 Trademark 60. This works well, tilting the amp backwards and lifting it a foot or so off the ground, and the stand is the same width as the amp. The Sessionette sits securely on this, but being much smaller, the stand negates the otherwise gained horizontal space as it sticks out several inches each side. More notably, raising it off the floor reduces bass and warmth of tone – not noted with the Tech21. I experimented tilting the amp back for a good projection angle whilst keeping the rear in contact with the stage to retain bass.

The Sessionette is quite directional due to its closed back / infinite baffle design and small stages often mean that you’re standing only inches away from the amp with the near sound being lost above knee-height. I will write about the pros and cons of open/closed back in more detail when I review the amp.

Searching for a suitable ready-made stand on the web produced no inspiring choices so I improvised and I’m very pleased with the results.

My guitar stand is a Hercules GS402B Mini, a well-made and tiny stand that folds into a compact package in a small bag. I dismantled this, discarding the bottom hangers and experimented with angles. By laying it on its back, swapping over the back leg with the upright guitar support (turned 180°) I was nearly there. I removed the foam rest block, hacksawed through the upright to give the optimum angle then reglued the block, touching up the black powdercoat with a permanent marker pen.

The result can be seen below, it folds away in seconds and can be left in the boot. I ordered a replacement for my guitar (they’re only £17.50) to use as intended.

Mini amp tilt stand
Mini amp tilt stand
Mini amp tilt stand
Mini amp tilt stand
Mini amp tilt stand
Mini amp tilt stand

This will probably only work with closed back amps / speaker cabinets unless the upright reaches the amp chassis. Obviously it’s not going to work with a 4×10.


  1. 10 out of 10 for upcycling Nige. I’ve done similar with my bigger Hercules stand which has recently fallen apart releasing some horrible glue 😦 My fix was crude though: finding a suitable screw to force into an adjustment hole to replace the gluey plastic bits – can’t fold it up though.


    • Thanks Mog, I have a larger Hercules stand and like yours it suddenly started releasing goo from the rubbery plastic bit that you squeeze to release it, and was covered in fluff. I tried everything to clean it off but it just kept coming out. Must be a chemical reaction that takes a few years to start? So I did the same as you, permanently bolted through at one height and relegated to the office. You’d think it would be an easy enough thing to design. Luckily these mini stands have no plastic.


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