Interior Lights

What a Lidl bargain….

I was in my local Lidl getting the groceries and I veered away from the frozen food section towards that magical centre aisle where they put the bargain items that seem to pop up once and then never appear again. I normally try not to even look there as that’s when I go over my budget of £20 a week!

There they were, just placed in the cage – sets of three battery-powered LED lights with 3M self-adhesive pads, including batteries for just £3.99!

At this price it would be incredibly rude not to buy a set, especially just a day after noting that the Land Rover urgently needs interior lighting. These will do nicely as a temporary solution.

Each unit has 4 very bright LEDs, powered by 3 AA batteries. Designed to mount in a display cabinet they are not particularly robust but I don’t know how they do it for this money.

LED lights from Lidl
LED lights from Lidl


Lidl don’t tend to stock famous brand names and have their own range of names, e.g. crisps are branded ‘Crusti Croc’ and my favourite is their baked beans ‘Campo Largo’ – what a great name, I note that their lights are branded ‘Livarno’! Didn’t Vic Reeves used to say that in ‘Shooting Stars’?

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