Seat box, seat rails, seat frames

Not much happening due to work and gigs  and why does it rain all weekend but nice when I have to work? I wonder what the neighbours would think to a large tent being erected in the front drive?  Maybe not. On a few evenings this last couple of weeks I’ve grabbed the hour of daylight between leaving off work and teatime to do some rubbing down and rust treatment, painting small parts, and even popped outside in my dinner breaks to rub down the fuel tank and paint it while it’s accessible.

I ordered some more parts from YRM Metal Solutions – the seat box end repair panels and the angle along the back. Their panels are superb, and will finish this job properly. I just wish I had noticed the extent of corrosion before I started the battery-tray job, it would have been done by now.

While they were off I have rubbed down and painted the seat retainers, frames, rails and other bracketry, I’m particularly pleased with the seat runners pictured here.  I cleaned and etch-primed them and then used ‘Auto Extreme’ chrome effect spray paint off Ebay. Thanks to Ian at Mud4Fun for the idea of chrome paint, I hadn’t realised the stuff existed.

Came up nice with chrome effect paint
Came up nice with chrome effect paint
Cleaned and sprayed satin black
Cleaned and sprayed satin black

This weekend the clocks go forward. This is the best day of the year for me, and I hope it means I get outside to work on Dilly evenings.

I am pondering the best way to proceed with reinstating the middle seat for occasional use by my granddaughter so I’m looking at a 3-point harness kit from Securon with which I can fit a child seat.

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