Fuel Filler Filter

This is what happens. You find something that needs doing (in this case change the battery), that leads you to notice something bad, you decide to sort it, then to get to that bit, you have to take another bit off, you then notice something bad there too. That’s basically how my last one ended up being a ground-up rebuild.

Quite a bit has happened, but not much blogging. I have managed to get outside on some of the lovely evenings of late and after weeks of getting nowhere I’m finally thinking that I may be able to drive it soon!

Anyway, here’s just a quick entry to get me back into it.

I have a telescopic fuel filler, similar to every Landy I’ve owned, although all slightly different.

In the bottom is a wire mesh filter that looks a lot like a tea strainer. Mine has corroded but I can’t find one in the usual places online. If anyone knows where to get one let me know!

I have found lots of companies in China who will make a batch, maybe I will get a load of them and sell the rest on Ebay.

Let me know if you've seen these available for purchase
Let me know if you’ve seen these available for purchase

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