Bonnet catch

Sometimes I get just an hour spare after tea. The nice thing about these vehicles is that there’s always some little job you can do even in a short space of time.

I have acquired a very nice repaired front panel from Ebay which I will fit later. The seller kindly included the bonnet catch so the other day I cleaned it up and sprayed it silver and chrome effect and put it away for later.  A very well-spent hour!



I remember that these can be quite troublesome so I will keep it well greased and keep the old one as a spare.


  1. Very nice outcome!
    Though I suspect that this type of chrome paint won’t last that much and will start to peel – at least that’s my previous experience…


    • 🙂 Thanks, I can report that over a year later it’s still looking as good as you see in the picture. However, it’s been wrapped in newspaper in the shed since then! Yes, I’m sure you’re right but it made me feel better at the time, sort of middle-aged therapy.


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