Depping on bass with Kenny Lee and Hustler – Sea Breeze

Had another great night with Kenny Lee and Hustler tonight at The Sea Breeze club in Hemsby. It’s run by a lovely chap called Jem, a well-known drummer with an impressive musical past who works hard to keep this one of the best live music venues in the area.  It was nice that he recognised me from many years ago. There are some lovely signed photos of Albert Lee in the dressing room and high up on the wall of the venue are some fantastic guitars from the sixties, Watkins Rapiers etc.

We still had the problem of no bass coming through the dedicated monitor so difficult to hear what I was doing, better than last week though as we were in-line with the PA speakers rather than behind them. Listening to a video afterwards I was a little alarmed to hear the bass a bit too high in the mix for my liking, but it was nice punchy bass sound from the beefy PA speakers and the overall sound was excellent. The room was packed and people danced all night.

These boys are very entertaining and understandably popular wherever they go and made me feel very welcome. I hope that Laurie has a few more holidays, I shall miss it next week!

Depping on bass - Seabreeze, Hemsby
Depping on bass – Seabreeze, Hemsby

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