Lower Dash Part 2

Continued from part 1

Not much done this weekend due to feeling extremely groggy after another stand-in gig and waking up with the mother of all migraines (a medical condition, not a Greek MILF). Still, I managed to do a little patching of the lower dash section and wiper motor cover in the afternoon.

The Granville Rust Treatment had got to work turning any remaining rust into a hard black ‘substrate’. I saw this word (substrate) on the instructions for a similar product, I think it’s meant to sound like a good solid inert material that will last for 100 years, but probably means black rust rather than brown rust.

I gave both sides of all components 3 good coats of Screwfix ‘No Nonsense’ galvanising primer. I had half a spray can of Ford Tractor Blue ‘Tractol’ paint left over so I used that up to seal the insides only, not worrying about the finish. The lawn should look OK again after a few passes with the Flymo…

Using up old paint
Using up old paint

I don’t waste much – from good sections of the old seat-box sides I snipped out some very rough repair sections and bent them into shape in the vice. It does look a bit like something that Val would have made on Blue Peter, but this is just a skeleton (the sticky-back plastic will cover this):

Repair section
Repair section
Riveted in place
Riveted in place

This is all I have to show for the day, sadly. The same was done the other end of the panel and also to the wiper motor cover. I also riveted a piece of thin sheet of aluminium over the cut-outs for the radio and gauges (these won’t be used for now).

A sudden downpour after tea put an end to the day’s work and photography. More to follow, this will be a time-consuming job…

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