Air intake, K&N Filter

I had been looking out for a usable oil bath filter on Ebay and there are normally one or two available, but quite expensive for the amount of restoration required, plus the original chassis-fixings for the bracket are missing. I will maybe revisit this one day for a winter shed-type project but for now I want to get on so I opted for simplicity.

After careful measurement I bought a short length of aluminium tube especially made for this purpose, 70mm outside diameter, and a Ramair silicone reducing hose, 70mm to 63mm to enable fitting to the manifold. There are many Ebay sellers specialising in these products so prices are competitive.

For the filter I chose an RC-5284 Universal Clamp-On Air Filter bought directly from K&N’s UK website that has an easy-to-use filter selection facility. It is almost possible to get a K&N filter that fits directly to the manifold without extension, but for interference from the heater pipes.

K&N filters aren’t cheap but can be cleaned and re-oiled so should last for many years, supposedly they can cover a million miles. The one that was fitted was still serviceable but its dimensions wouldn’t allow it to be used in this position.

So for once, a quick job that really was a quick job, pipe and reducer cut to size, and all fitted in less than an hour, a nice chat and mug of tea with the neighbour then the rest of the evening was taken up with gardening. Unfortunately I have been working too many hours lately and hedges have got out of control so there is much to do.

K&N Air Filter

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