Alternator move 2

After finding that the new alternator didn’t line up I shimmed the bracket out with 3 washers (trial, error and a straight edge) and got the pulleys to align.

Finding somewhere to mount the adjuster bar was another problem. I looked at the redundant PAS pump bracket, intending to clean it up to sell on Gumtree and noticed that it had been modified to accept the previous alternator so was not saleable. I looked at ways of making a bracket from this, mounting the alternator in the recess that originally held the pump, but after wasting an evening cutting bits off it, found that the resulting mounting points were far from satisfactory. So I fashioned a simple steel angle bracket and fitted it as shown. Not an ideal position but I think it will work and it’s easy to get to.

Alternator fitted

The new position meant that my tailor-made power loom was now too long. But to keep flexibility, rather than shorten it, I fixed the excess cable down to the chassis using cable-tie brackets.


As explained in Richard’s Glencoyne 200di pages, a belt from a Defender 200tdi (ETC 7939) fits perfectly for this situation.

Alternator fitted – excess cable length secured

So now the alternator job is complete and I moved on to the air intake. But band commitments took over as we have a rehearsal tomorrow and work is needed on arranging and learning some new material, so tea at 8pm and adding the air filter will be Sunday’s job, my next available Landy time.



    • 🙂 Trev, based on my current progress I estimate that I can pick you up on your 84th birthday for a test run as a special treat – if your old bones can stand it, and so long as I can have a go on your Telecaster afterwards!


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