Seat box lids

These were quite rusty in places where the zinc plating had worn off or become damaged so I decided to paint them. I used Screwfix T Wash, then acid etch from a spray can and finally rolled on the satin marine blue enamel.

The hasp on the passenger side was sprayed with chrome effect paint.


On previous vehicles I have used a foam strip / draught excluder tape but this time I thought I’d try something else. I sourced some 3mm black self-adhesive neoprene / foam sheet from Camthorne Industrial Supplies Ltd via their Amazon shop. I got a square metre which easily covers the three lids with some left over for other jobs. This company has other products that I will buy later on.

The idea was that by covering the whole lid rather than just the edges it might dampen the ‘drumming’ noise as well as curing rattles. I have seen drummers dampening otherwise boomy snares and toms with ‘Moongel’ and the difference is amazing.

Seat box lids painted and lined with 3mm self-adhesive neoprene / foam sheet
Seat box lids painted and lined with 3mm self-adhesive neoprene / foam sheet
Seat box lids
I used the original factory rivet holes to mount the hardware, they are completely out of line but as they’re hidden under the seat I may recover from the ordeal…

I am very pleased with how these came out, the adhesive seems very strong and the material is easy to work with. The rolled on paint finish is reasonable (considering), but certainly much smarter than it was.

I guess the underside of the centre lid will get splattered with mud and may be awkward to clean. Time will tell. I have spray painted the new self-tapping screws and washers, and fitted new spire nuts in the seat box to complete the job.


  1. That self-adhesive neoprene is a curious idea… how did it stand the grime that comes out of transmission? did it teared apart?



    • Well it hasn’t done many miles, so no damage to report as yet, not that I do any extreme off-roading, mostly local roads and gentle green lanes. The adhesive is very strong but on this vehicle only the centre one is exposed underneath as the driver’s side has a fuel tank beneath it and the passenger side has the box for the battery etc. Had it not been this way I would have just used foam tape round the edges to reduce vibration.


      • I do have a 109, so all 3 are left to the elements… when the time comes, maybe tape around and some bitumem pad (small one) in the middle, just for vibration abortion…


      • Yes, that seems sensible to me, makes maintenance much easier too without all that stuff underneath. Wish I still had my 109, the most useful vehicle I’ve ever owned.


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